What are fractals?

April 26th, 2015
Dancing Dervish

Dancing Dervish

Digital art and Fractals are a result of new tools and applications that have been made available to artists. Like any other career path, technology brings with it new ways to work your craft, and the art world is no different. Computers are simply another tool to express creativity. Learning how to create digital images that are truly art, is something that requires many hours building skills in order to give wings to your creativity.

By the way…you might ask what fractals are.  One definition I’ve heard is a fractal is “a shape that can be repeatedly subdivided into parts, each of which is a smaller copy of the whole e.g. from the macrocosm of our Universe to the microcosm of the frond of the leaf of a fern

Essentially, they are mathematical formulas repeated hundreds of thousands of times and as a result, form a unique pattern which never repeats itself the same way twice. In other words, they are a visual representation of the theory of chaos.

For me they are spiritual in nature. I like to think of them like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike. Like watercolors, I don’t have total control over the medium, rather I have to to work with it. I never know exactly where a given fractal will take me, but as l long as I work with it’s nature, I will arrive at a wondrous place. It always amazes me when I am working with a fractal, there is usually a reflection of what is going on with me at that moment. Now that’s a true hallmark of an artistic medium!

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